Madrid Barrio Guide

One of my favorite things about the city of Madrid is how very distinct each neighborhood or ‘barrio’ is. You can walk between the neighborhoods in the center or take the metro. For me, living in Malasaña, it would´t take more than half an hour to reach most of the places I would go. Remember that many Spanish businesses close each day around 14h-14:30h and open around 17h-18h for siesta. Siesta, my friends, is a blessing and a curse.

The barrios that I have written about so far are as follows…







La Latina

Gran Vía


This barrio is right next to Lavapiés and quite similar in feel.

La Tabacalera:

The main thing I want to say about Embajadores is that they have a really cool art center called La Tabacalera. It is based in a building that used to be a tobacco factory (thus the name) They have studio space, free classes, and groups in everything from tango, to carpentry, to acrobatics. I recently went to see a friend’s choir performance there and happened upon a full size wrestling ring in which an extravagant choreographed version of a Mexican Lucha Libre fight was taking place! They also have art and “Hecho de Mano´´ sales fairly often.
La Tabacalera, Calle de Embajadores, 51, 28012